Fiesta Holding

Since 1994 FIESTA's inclusive concept was founded to provide unique support serving your events and celebrations.

Based on our defined strategy, four fully fledged departments were developed to companies to be side by side through all your life's experience; providing: outstanding theming and events decoration, dazzling fireworks, balloons decoration, entertaining programs, International and local stage shows, Roaming Acts, and creative handcrafts.

With over 400 employees, 5 branches in the MENA region, and a huge production facility, we have been at the top of this industry, being committed to all our customers' requests

More than 26 years in Entertainment and Events industry

Over 400 Employees from engineers to craftsman

5 Branches
in the MENA region ready to serve you

14 Awards
inluding 9 Guinness Records

FIESTA HOLDING and Subsidiaries


Combining specialized fields to give your event a distinctive edge, Fiesta offers five focused sectors dedicated to allowing you to endlessly customize your event. The areas of expertise include Styrofoam themed decorations, spectacular fireworks, balloon decoration, entertainment programs, and custom crafts.


With over 25 years of experience in the planning, design and production field, Atrium works hand in hand with Fiesta group to bring your event to life implementing unique parks and scenes that exemplify creativity.


ARTBEAT Entertainment seeks to aid you in identifying the best ways to communicate your message, efficiently make use of your venue and deliver a stunning event. With over 10 years of proven experience, Artbeat merges your big ideas with our professionalism and innovation.


Lighting up the sky to emphasize your event, Igual Fireworks delivers a full package solution that covers a range of firework shows with accompanying music. Our team is always on the forefront of innovation combing different musical trends, and firework effects that will leave event attendees in awe of the remarkable show.


Aimed at organizing corporate events, Traventure takes care offers a variety of amenities to ensure an enjoyable and smooth travelling experience. Our fully encompassing solutions include logistic solutions, Ticketing and Visa assistance, leisure programs, and other services to make your business travel pleasant and productive.

Primed Smart Medical Equipment

PRIMED is a company specializing in disinfectant smart technology and equipment, providing the KSA and UAE markets with product innovation and advanced technology in the healthcare safety sector. PRIMED Smart Medical Equipment Trading LLC is one of 8 subsidiary companies of FIESTA HOLDING.